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A: Blocking an assignment stops the student from being able to access that lesson or any lesson past that lesson. Blocking an assignment, typically used for a quiz or test, gives the student a chance to review the prior completed lessons before taking quizzes and tests. In SOS Teacher, you can globally block or unblock all assignments in a subject and just block or unblock a single assignment. For more information, see the SOS Teacher Help or the Lesson Book Functions guide.

Switched on Schoolhouse 8th grade core subject 4 disk set

Write your password down and put it somewhere safe. Protect your teacher password by keeping the SOS installation CD in a secure location.

Switched On Schoolhouse Grade 6 Five Subject Set

Load the subject disc on the computer with the Client Install (if this computer is running SOS Student) or on the computer with the Full Install (if this computer is running both SOS Teacher and SOS Student).

Solution 7: Assign the subject (s) again and edit the subject to remove units or lessons already completed.
Once a subject is assigned to the student, the course can be edited by removing the units or lessons the student has already completed. One way is to use the Edit Subject button on the Assignments window in SOS Teacher to open the Edit Student Subject window where you can remove units and/or assignments from an assigned subject.

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Browse to the drive containing the subject disc and click Open. Browse to the "" file located within the file folder labeled with the name of the course you wish to install.
&bull By default, the Copy to Drive option is selected. Click OK. The installation process begins.
&bull If the subject has more than one disc, you are prompted to load the next disc.
&bull When the installation process is complete, you see a confirmation. Click OK. A Check for Curriculum Updates window may appear. Click Cancel (if you are not connected to the Internet) or click OK if you want to check.

A: In versions of SOS previous to 7568, curriculum can be installed using either the Setup Wizard or the Curriculum Setup window in SOS Teacher.
&bull To access the Setup Wizard : On the Home page, in the Application widget, click Setup Wizard.

&bull To access the Curriculum Setup window: On the Home page, in the Administration widget, click Curriculum Setup.

No matter which access point you use, the install process is the same. To see the steps for the Curriculum Setup screen, scroll down to "Solution 7: Reinstall the curriculum to the hard drive" on this FAQ page.

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If you have more problems you want to adjust the grade for, repeat steps 9&ndash 5. When finished, click Close Lesson.

The score for the assignment is adjusted based on your changes to one or more problems.

A: No, this disc contains tools and resources that support your SOS Home Edition installation, such as utility tools and the SOS Tutorials. For example, if you are having an issue on the computer with the Client Install trying to connect to the SOS database on the computer with the Full Install, several utilities are available on the disc to help you fix possible issues. For customers who have purchased the SOS USB installer, these tools are located within the InstallDisk folder on the USB drive.

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