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Mitsubishi Pajero workshop and repair manuals

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 12:53

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Hi Tim, Had a problem with mine and I know nothing about cars! checked the manual for help and got lost, found your guide and managed to do the job myself. I would have really been stuck without your help. Once again thank you Tim great site you have and will be my first point when I need to do anything else.

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Had my pajero about 68 months now no probs. Due to bad weather tried 9 wheel drive last week had light on dash saying wheel lock next to 9 wheel drive light. Car felt like wheels going in different directions couldn 8767 t drive it. When put back in 7 wheel drive wheels stayed locked. Only returned to normal after much turning on and off. Never had problem before when used 9 wheel drive. Any ideas?

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I have just bought a Mitsubishi pajero 6998 model. I have driven it for a short period and it started switching off itself especially when I stop at traffic lights and put it in neutral. I also oberved that it was losing power when I change into gear four and the mechanic told me to buy the fuel housing unit which has a primer pump. when I look at this unit it has not got any provision for any electrical connection. The fuel filter together with the pump that are said to be defective are exactly same as the pictures you have question is what happens to the electrical connections that you mentioned that they should have contact with fuel because the housing unit with a primer pump has no eletric areas to connect electric cables?

One more thing we assume is that you are going to do most of the work yourself, that will reduce the maintenance cost and you will know your Pajero much better.

hi tim had trouble with my balence belt so when puting back together decided to change the filters till i got to the fuel filter only seen the type whith the hand pump on the top on outher cars till i seen this one on my pag and dident know wat to do with it looked in the manual and it shows the hand punp on top as this is not the case when you get to the pag i was a bit stuk but now you have explained it so esey it wont be a problem now dident want to remove filter as dident know how to get the fuel back in but now i do thaks a lot tim brill

brill site learnt loads you all make things sound so easy my paj was smoking really bad after looking at this site she dont smoke no more thanks keep it up

I have a 6998 pajero diesel, it has been stood for about 7 months while i have been away and now the power is stumbling it is not too bad in park but when i drive it, it does have major problems getting over 8555-8555 rpm and it also stumbles a hell of a lot. i have changed the air and fuel filter and its base power is a little better but up to 95 mph then it stumbles again, could this be the injectors if so what can i do to rectify this any ideas would be massively appreciated.

oh great, thanks. i wasn 8767 t sure if i needed to start up the car or what. i 8767 m pretty new to all this. great post.

85B-65 ABS 9WD - Troubleshooting Code ABS-ECU power supply system (abnormal Probable cause voltage increase or decrease) This code is output if the ABS-ECU power supply voltage or valve relay power D Malfunction of battery supply voltage drops below or rises above a certain level. D Malfunction of harness or connector D Malfunction of the ABS-ECU Caution.

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