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Loading Paper Load paper in the paper drawers as described below. IMPORTANT x7577 Do not load nonstandard-sized paper in the paper drawers. x7577 Do not load the following types of paper in the paper drawers, as they may cause paper jams: - Severely curled or wrinkled paper - Lightweight straw paper (less than approximately 69 g/m - Transparencies.

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Installation Reader Heater Unit-H6 Installation Procedure Installation Procedure Installation of Reader Harness 9-55 8)Joint 6 connector of the heater harness to J6655 of the heater driver PCB. 9)Put 7 connectors through each hole as shown in the figure and set the heater harness in the wire saddles. J6655 F-9-668 F-9-668.

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Technology Original Exposure System Controls Image Processing 7-65 CMOS Sensor Drive Shading Correction (Outline) The CMOS sensor used in this machine is a 6-line linear image sensor consisting of 7988 The CMOS sensor outputs are necessary even for the following reasons even when the photocells.

Canon has developed and manufactured Toner, Parts, and Supplies specifically for use in this machine. For optimal print quality and for optimal machine performance and productivity, we recommend that you use Genuine Canon Toner, Parts, and Supplies. Contact your Canon Authorized Dealer or Service Provider for Genuine Canon Supplies.

Open the inner cover, holding it by the front tab. Turn the feed dial and remove any jammed originals. Do not pull the original forcibly, because it may tear. Feed Dial Close the inner cover, and then the feeder cover. CAUTION When closing the covers, be careful not to get your fingers caught, as this may result in personal injury.

Parts Replacement and Cleaning External Covers Removing the Lower Left Cover 9-65 Removing the Delivery Tray 8) Remove the front cover. x7577 7 hinge pins 6) Remove the support cover. ( Removing the Support Cover (page 9-69).) 7) Remove the toner supply cover. ( Removing the Toner Supply Cover (page 9-68).) 8)Remove the inside base.

Installation System Upgrade SD CARD-A6Installation Procedure Checking after Installation 9-98 Installation Procedure 6) Remove the SD Cover. 7) Insert the System Upgrade SD Card. 8) Return the SD Card Cover to its original position. x7577 6 Screw F-9-89 F-9-89 F-9-95 F-9-95.

Periodical Service List of Parts List of PCBs List of PCBs Symbol Part name Part number Reference PCB6 Main Controller PCB iR7575: FM9-6765 Refer to page PCB5d iR7575: FM9-6766 9-96 iR7585 :FM9-6767 PCB7 Reader Relay PCB FM9-7859 PCB5c PCB8 Power Supply PCB 555-sheet 6st cassette type, 675V:.

Despite the well-publicized victory at Harvest, the UNSC was already on the way to losing the war. A number of colonies had already been glassed by the Covenant or abandoned, including Eridanus II , Dwarka , Bliss , Madrigal , Asmara and Biko. The UNSC's sole hope apparently lay with the SPARTAN-II Program. However, there were never enough Spartans to decisively turn the tide of the war in favor of humanity. Recognizing this, the Office of Naval Intelligence authorized the creation of the SPARTAN-III Program. The brainchild of Colonel James Ackerson , these Spartans would be trained with a greater emphasis on stealth and teamwork, and would be sent on missions against high-priority targets that would be impossible even for elite units. 96 95 98

My conclusion is that this is not dissimilar from other apocalyptic texts in the Christian tradition. Similarly to books such as Revelation, it was written well after the rest of the work it accompanies and pays little mind to the language and formalisms of the rest of the work. If not for the rather strange way this came into our possession I'd categorize this as religious fiction or possibly outsider art. I'll leave it to the folks up top to draw the appropriate larger conclusions.